Viking Field Team

Representing a cross-section of shooting activities, experiences and knowledge, the Field Team are all genuine product users that put the equipment through its paces and demonstrate what it can really do out in the field


They are not professional ‘Brand Ambassadors’, nor paid promoters but genuinely keen sports people that are inviting us and our customers to come on their various journeys with them. Be it as a professional stalker, avid hobbyist or even as a novice completely new to the sport.

Our Pro Team is unique and we are greatly looking forward to following their journeys over the coming years. Aimed at opening up to people the fantastic array of sporting opportunities that shooting has to offer, demystifying and redressing public perception and illustrating the fact that it is truly a sport open to all – please give them your support and make sure you follow them on Facebook.

Chris Dalton

Girvan / Ayrshire

Jason Doyle

Ireland & Yorkshire

Dan Thor


Scott Mackenzie

Isle of Skye

Kayleigh Gray

Malton / North Yorkshire

Chris Abbott

Castle Eden / County Durham

James Nixon

Staplehurst / Kent

Deer Bob

Harrogate / North Yorkshire

Chris Dalton

I come from a farming background in rural South Yorkshire and my love of the countryside and rural pursuits has remained with me to this day.

I was introduced to shooting from an early age and quickly became hooked on the sport My grandfather was a great horticulturalist, another of my interests and I am passionate about sustainability and self- sufficiency, examples of this are that we grow all of own vegetables, keep free range hens and bees.

I was fortunate to be able to continue sporting shooting as I moved around the world as a serving RAF officer. Stalking came later to me – around 30 years ago and with Anne we formed South Ayrshire Stalking in 2006. Our aim has always been to provide a full range of stalking activities; with the major emphasis on promoting ethical deer management principals and to promote the education and training aspects available to all via the Deer Management Qualifications. I keep Bees, have been a DMQ assessor with the British Deer Society and am one of the senior measures with the BDS BASC/ST trophy team.

I am a frequent presenter of The Shooting Show and write a regular column for Shooting Times. I feel honoured to have been awarded the title, ‘UK Professional Stalker of the Year’, for the last 3 years running, made all the more special as it is a public vote. I strongly advocate that we should not shy away from explaining and promoting what we do as stalkers or shooters, this is a conversation we must have as often as we can, we are the true guardians of the countryside along with its many traditions, and we should be rightly proud of that.

Chris's Kit

Haenel Jaeger 10 Varmint Sporter .243 / Leupold VX-6HD 4-24X52 Rifle Scope / B&T Suppressor


Jason Doyle

Jason is a keen shot with rifles and shotguns. He represents Viking in the field alongside his trusty Ruger American Hunter rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor, HGR gun slings and Leupold Optics. You’ll find him at home both stalking in Ireland and shooting on the moors of Yorkshire – the craic is always guaranteed when you’re out on the peg with Jason.

Jason's Kit


Ruger American Hunter in 6.5 Creedmoor, Leupold VX5-HD


Dan Thor

Dan is a shotgun shooter, gamekeeper and all-round fieldsports enthusiast. When he’s not entertaining us on Instagram armed with his Leupold binoculars you’ll find him out with his trusty cocker spaniel caring for his gamebirds and permissions. 

Dan's Kit


Breda Zenith L


Scott Mackenzie

I was brought up on a council estate within a large town but always longed for outdoors amongst the hills and woodlands. Little did I know where my journey would take me, from that first day as a YTS Gamekeeper at the tender age of 15 working on a commercial pheasant and partridge shoot to now as Head Gamekeeper Stalker on a Highland estate. My chosen career has given me so many experiences and allowed me to enrich the experience of the outdoors to others.

British Gamekeeper of the Year 2019
Country Sports Hotel of the Year 2019
Winners of the Golden Plover Award for Land Management 2017

Scott's Kit

Haenel Jaeger 10 XL Timber .270 / Leupold VX-5HD 3-15X56 rifle scope


Kayleigh Gray

I didn’t grow up shooting, at one point I used to be a vegetarian. I first got into it when a coach asked me if I’d like to give clay pigeon shooting a go. After my first lesson I was hooked.

A year later I bought my first shotgun (a trusty, old Beretta 682), shot clays most weekends and had further coaching. I then moved onto shooting rabbits with a .22 and 17HMR and have had numerous days out on the pigeons, and few days on peg game shooting.

In the summer of 2017, I shot my first roebuck and have since been out stalking most weekends. Seeing British wildlife in its natural habitat and taking part in country sports has inspired my artwork.

I am passionate about deer management and providing my own source of meat; in the past 2 years I’ve accounted for around 30 roe and 1 fallow and in recent months have started to gain some independence. I have completed my DSC Level 1 and 2 on Doe’s. In the next couple of year’s I’d like to shoot all 6 native deer species and am hoping to tick muntjac off later this year.

Kayleigh's Kit

Jaeger 10 Centrefire .308  / Leupold VX-5HD Rifle Scope  /  B&T Suppressor / Leupold prw mounts


Chris Abbott

I was born into a hunting, shooting, fishing family and at the age of three using a Geco 9mm garden gun I shot my first Teal. That little gun is still in my cabinet and my son, now aged three, is currently breaking clays with it.

My involvement in the shooting field has covered just about all aspects of the sport over the years. As a teenager I trapped and helped out at Thimbleby Clay Ground, trained in gamekeeping at Northumberland, shot in numerous FITASC competitions throughout Europe, ran the family game syndicate and of course deer stalking and management. I was also the third generation to head the Hartlepool Wildfowlers and of course deer stalking and management.

My father was an avid deer stalker, often accompanying him I shot my first Roe aged 11 which got me hooked on stalking. At fifteen I had NSCC then my DMQ 1 & 2 when they were first launched.

Deer stalking and Management is my passion and I am proud to now be a professional stalker on numerous parcels of land throughout the country.

I use various equipment depending on what type of shooting I am doing. My kit list is below and in addition to this I also bought the Ruger American, Leupold VX-3i scope, Breda Grizzly and I have a Merkel Speedster (Black & Orange) on order. If I trust and believe in a product then I will buy it!

Chris's Kit

Haenel Jaeger 10 6.5 Creedmoor  / Leupold VX-6 HD Rifle Scope  /  B&T Suppressor / Sellier & Bellot 6.5 Creedmoor


James Nixon

I started out shooting IPSC about 6 years ago. I was already into a number of different shooting disciplines, from stalking to clay shooting, but I wanted somthing a little more dynamic, challenging and competitive.

My shooting club started to introduce IPSC Shotgun to its members and I was quickly hooked. After 18 months of competing, I shot an international match in Germany and that same year shot at the Central European Shotgun Open (CESO) in Hungary, and have now travelled overseas to shoot every year since.

I have never considered myself as a top shooter, I just really enjoy my sport and put a lot of energy into practicing and competing, to be as good as I can be. I was fortunate enough to compete in the 2018 IPSC World Shotgun Shoot, hosted by the French IPSC Region, which was an amazing experience and an opportunity to meet so many fellow competitors from across the globe and was probably the highlight of my practical shooting career to date.

James's Kit

Breda B12i

The Breda B12i was designed with 3-Gun & Tactical shooters in mind.  The B12i features the proven inertia system and is considered by many to be best competition and/or tactical shotgun on the market today. 


Deer Bob

I got into shooting through my father and then spent time stalking with a great friend of mine John Brown, who was a founding member of the British Deer Society. We spent a lot of time stalking in North Yorkshire and the South Lakes both for Roe and Red deer and to this day Roe are my favourite deer to hunt.

Bob's Kit

Merkel RX Helix 30-06 / Leupold VX6-HD 3-15x56Rifle Scope / Lapua 30-06 185g sp


Rifleman Rings

Rifleman 1″ Vertical Split Rings Matte £15.00
Rifleman 1″ Detachable Medium Rings Matte £22.00
Rifleman 1″ Detachable High Rings Matte £22.00
Rifleman 1″ Detachable Medium Rings Gloss£22.00
Rifleman 30mm Detachable Rings Med Matte £25.00
Rifleman 30mm Detachable Rings High Matte £25.00

QRW Bases

QRW Remington 700 2-pc Matte £40.00
QRW Browning A-Bolt 2-pc Matte £40.00

Std One-Piece Bases

STD Ruger 1022 1-pc Gloss £42.00
STD Ruger 1022 1-pc Silver £42.00
STD Savage 99 1-pc Gloss £42.00

Std Two-Piece Bases

STD Remington 700 2-pc Gloss £32.00
STD Remington 700 RVF 2-pc Matte £32.00
STD Remington 541 2-pc Gloss £32.00
STD Winchester 94 2-pc Gloss £32.00
STD Browning A-Bolt LR 2-pc Matte £32.00
STD Browning X-Bolt 2-pc Gloss £32.00
STD Browning X-Bolt 2-pc Matte £32.00
STD Browning European 2-pc Gloss £32.00
STD Mauser FN 2-pc Matte £32.00
STD Mauser 98 2-pc Matte £42.00
STD Kimber 84 2-pc Matte £32.00
Gunmakers Windage 1 of 2-pc Gloss £25.00
Gunmakers Dovetail 1 of 2-pc Gloss £25.00
STD Ruger American 2-pc Matte £32.00
STD Browning A-Bolt WSSM 2-pc Matte£32.00
STD Browning A-Bolt 2-pc Gloss£32.00

Std Rings

STD 1″ Super Low Matte £34.00
STD 1″ Low Matte £34.00
STD 1″ Medium Gloss £34.00
STD 1″ Medium Matte £34.00
STD 1″ High Gloss £34.00
STD 1″ High Matte £34.00
STD 1″ Super High Gloss £34.00
STD 1″ Super High Matte £34.00
STD 1″ Medium Ext Matte £50.00
STD 30mm Low Matte £50.00
STD 30mm Medium Gloss £50.00
STD 30mm High Matte £50.00
STD 30mm Super High Matte £50.00
STD 30mm Medium Ext Matte £70.00
STD 30mm High Ext Matte £70.00

Dual Dovetail Bases

DD Remington 700 2-pc Matte £32.00
DD Remington 700 RVF 2-pc Matte £32.00
DD Winchester 70 Exp Post-64 RVF 2-pc Matte £32.00
DD Browning S-A RF 1-pc Gloss £32.00
DD Tikka T3/T3x RVF 2-pc Matte £32.00
DD Ruger American RVR 2-pc Matte £32.00

Dual Dovetail Rings

DD 1″ Super Low Matte £34.00
DD 1″ Low Matte £34.00
DD 1″ Medium Matte £34.00
DD 1″ High Matte £34.00
DD 1″ Super High Matte £34.00
DD 1″ High Ext Matte £45.00
DD 30mm Low Matte £50.00
DD 30mm Medium Matte £50.00
DD 30mm High Matte £50.00
DD 30mm Super High Matte £50.00
DD 30mm High Ext Matte £70.00
DD 34mm High Matte £75.00
DD 34mm Super High Matte £75.00

Quick Release One-Piece Bases

QR Remington 700 RH-SA 1-pc Matte £70.00

Quick Release Two-Piece Bases

QR Remington 700 2-pc Gloss £70.00
QR Browning A-Bolt 2-pc Matte £70.00
QR Mauser FN 2-pc Matte £70.00
QR Sauer 90/200 2-pc Matte £70.00
QR Sauer 202 2-pc Gloss £70.00
QR Savage 110 2-pc Gloss £70.00
QR Sako 2-pc Matte £124.00
QR Tikka T3/T3x 2-pc Matte £70.00
QR Steyr SBS Classic Mannlicher 2-pc Matte £70.00

Quick Release Rings

QR 1″ Super Low Matte £34.00
QR 1″ Low Gloss £34.00
QR 1″ Low Matte £34.00
QR 1″ Medium Gloss £34.00
QR 1″ Medium Matte £34.00
QR 1″ High Gloss £34.00
QR 1″ High Matte £34.00
QR 1″ Super High Matte £34.00
QR 1″ Low Ext Matte £69.00
QR 1″ Medium Ext Gloss £69.00
QR 1″ Medium Ext Matte £69.00
QR 1″ High Ext Matte £69.00
QR 30mm Low Matte £52.00
QR 30mm Medium Matte £52.00
QR 30mm Medium Ext Matte £69.00
QR 30mm High Matte £52.00
QR 30mm High Ext Matte £69.00
QR 34mm High Matte £72.00
QR 34mm Super High Matte £72.00

QRW Rings

QRW2 1″ Low Matte £84.00
QRW2 1″ Medium Gloss £94.00
QRW2 1″ Medium Matte £84.00
QRW2 1″ High Matte £84.00
QRW2 30mm Low Matte £102.00
QRW2 30mm Medium Gloss £102.00
QRW2 30mm High Matte £102.00

Rifleman Bases

Rifleman Ruger 10/22 1-pc Silver Silver £12.00

PRW Rings

PRW2 1″ Low Matte £67.00
PRW2 1″ Medium Matte £67.00
PRW2 1″ High Matte £67.00
PRW2 30mm Low Matte £77.00
PRW2 30mm High Matte £77.00
PRW2 34mm Medium Matte £82.00

LRW Rings

LRW 1″ Medium Matte £59.00
LRW 30mm Medium Matte £69.00
LRW 30mm High Matte £69.00

Back Country Cross-Slot Rings

BackCountry Cross-Slot 1″ Med Rings Matte£117.00

Back Country Cross-Slot Bases

BackCountry Cross-Slot Remington 700 SA 1-pc Matte£49.00
BackCountry Cross-Slot Remington 700 SA 1-pc 20-MOA Matte£49.00
BackCountry Cross-Slot Remington 700 LA 1-pc Matte£49.00
BackCountry Cross-Slot Tikka T3/T3x 1-pc Matte£49.00

Integral Mounting Systems

Mark 4 IMS 30mm Matte £185.00

Mark 4 Rings

Mark 4 34mm Super High Matte £215.00
Mark 4 34mm High Matte £215.00
Mark 4 1″ Super High Matte £193.00
Mark 4 30mm Super High Matte £193.00


RM Sako 1″ Super High Gloss £99.00
RM Sako 1″ Super High Matte £99.00
RM Sako 1″ Medium Gloss£99.00
RM Sako 1″ Low Gloss£9900
RM Sako 1″ High Gloss £99.00
RM Sako 30mm Medium Matte £99.00
RM Sako 30mm High Matte £99.00
RM Ruger #1 & 77/22 30mm High Matte £99.00
RM Sako 1″ High Silver£99.00
RM Sako 30mm Super High Matte £99.00
RM Sako 1″ Medium Matte £99.00
RM Sako 1″ High Matte £99.00
RM CZ 527 1″ High Matte £99.00

35mm Rings

Mark 4 35mm High Alu Matte Rings£215.00
Mark 4 35mm Super High Alu Matte Rings£215.00
Mark IMS 35mm Mounts £358.00

Breda B12i

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  • Oversized Loading Port
  • “Quad-Loadable” from factory
  • Ergonomic / Large Bolt Release
  • Oversized Charging / Bolt Handle
  • Drilled Receiver to accept Optics
  • Recoil Reducing Tri-Polymer Synthetic Stock
  • 5 – Flush Mount Chokes
  • Ghost Ring Rear Site – Available
  • Extension Tube – Available
  • Barrel Options: 18.5”, 21” 24” 28” 30” Step-rib
  • Barrel Options: 24” & 26” with Front Rifle Site
  • SilencerCo Salvo Compatible
  • High Luminosity Fibre Optic Front Site
Alpinist Green – M15x1 threaded with removable sightsFrom: £3,205.00
Calibres: .223 / .243 / .270 / .308 / 30-06 / 9.3×62