Target Shooting

Exactly as it says on the tin… Target shooting is simply the sport of shooting at a target for competition purposes.

Divided into three main categories; Pistol, rifle, and shotgun, within which there are many sub-divisions and disciplines, from the simple roundel to the more exotic game simulation. The beauty of which is that with target shooting, there really is something for everyone. All ages and all abilities.

Choose your calibre, the type and distance of target, and even the position you shoot from.

How far can you go?

The vast majority of us will have started our shooting careers with target shooting in its simplest form, i.e. plinking in the garden with an old air pistol or rim-fire rifle and many of todays most successful sportsmen and women have developed from there right through to Olympic level competition.

All forms of target shooting are usually carried out at a club, of which there are hundreds dotted around the country. You certainly won’t have to travel far to take part in the sport of your choice. Most clubs will have guns and equipment available to use, along with qualified instructors and coaches, meaning that beginners can have access to target shooting with minimum expense.

Moving Targets

Clay pigeon shooting with a 12 bore shotgun is the most common form of target shooting, practised by everyone from the game shooter wanting to “keep his eye in”, right up to the internationally recognised professional.

Practical Shotgun is a discipline that has a growing following, where the competitor is faced with an array of different targets to which the competitor must react – they may be suddenly multiple or the shooter may on occasion even be penalised for hitting it.


Rifle shooting has seen a huge growth in participation levels; many clubs are reporting increased interest in all areas from prospective members. Weapons used range from modern pre-charged pneumatic air-rifles shot on a 10 metre course, right up to large military centre-fire rounds on targets as much as a kilometre away!

.22RF (Rim Fire) is probably the most popular rifle calibre when it comes to target shooting. It is usually carried out on an indoor 25 meter range; the rifles and ammunition are widely available and comparatively inexpensive meaning it is accessible to just about anyone that holds a Firearm Certificate.

Here at Viking Arms we carry a widespread range of weapons that are ideal for target shooting. The Ruger 10/22 is without doubt the most popular .22rf rifle used on the ranges, whether it’s a standard model, the Target version, or a custom.

For the under lever competitor, Henry Repeating Arms have been producing world leading guns since 1860. From the Classic Lever Action .22, right up to a Big Boy in .45 Colt, Henry rifles are famous for their smooth action.

With Ruger and Haenel both producing bolt action rifles fitted with heavy target barrels, you can control vermin, go stalking or have a day on the range all with the same gun.

Hand Guns

Pistol shooting has become less widespread in the UK since changes to handgun legislation were made that made all handguns prohibited weapons within England and Wales.

It is mainly practised these days by enthusiasts using vintage or replica muzzle loading pistols, although you may occasionally see some very strange looking firearms that maintain the intent of a hand gun but are built to within the UK law.