Professional Shooting

Shooting Sports now support more than 70,000 jobs in the U.K. amongst which are those that have taken on shooting as a profession. In the world of professional shooting the equipment must be reliable, durable and cost effective.

From the Upland keeper, managing moor and Grouse, the Lowland keeper with Partridge and Pheasants or a Stalker managing Deer for an estate or the Forestry Commission, to a pest controller ensuring the urban fox population is prevented from causing harm or diseased rabbits are culled. The shooting profession is an essential part of managing our environment, both the Gamekeeper and the pest controller, all need tools that are tough and dependable, whatever the weather or environment. There is no place for a second rate firearm or equipment


With over two thirds or 15m acres of the UK’s rural land mass managed for shooting (which is nine times more than all the Nature Reserves and National Parks together) shooting adds to the economy approximately £1.6Bn of which £250M is spent on conservation.

Apart from looking after and presenting game birds, Game keeping is about vermin control which is also a major part of conservation. The control of wiley predators whether furred or feathered is usually carried out with either a 12 gauge shot gun being the workhorse, or a rifle. The Ruger semi-automatic 10/22, the bolt action 10/77 and American Rimfire .22LR calibre rifles for smaller quarry and the Ruger Hawkeye and M77 .22 centre fire calibre rifles for foxes, being the most popular choices.

These weapons along with the right choice of ammunition from manufactures such as CBC, SK, Sellier & Bellot and Lapua can make the all the difference to effective vermin control.

As in all walks of life, Health and Safety impacts the Game keeper and in particularly the Safe Carriage of firearms and equipment on the job. Viking Arms offer the full range of Kolpin gun cases for both 4×4’s and ATV’s and also a full range of ATV accessories from hitch brackets and silenced exhausts to panniers and cargo racks.

Deer Control

When the going gets tough, demanding and physical, whether on the hill with a client or woodland stalking for Roe, the professional stalker needs a rifle that’s a work tool; strong, versatile, safe, accurate and intuitive…

From the Viking range, the new Merkel RX Helix and Haenel Jaeger 10’s are excellent choices, as are the workhorse Ruger M77 rifles, each offering the quality and reliability demanded by professionals. The Ruger M77 Hawkeye and Mk II rifles need no introduction, the stalwart of Viking Arms for over 40 years, if you want a rifle for a lifetime look no further. And, for a choice of centre fire ammunition, Viking Arms offers product from either Sellier & Bellot or the world renowned Lapua brand, both giving outstanding quality and guaranteed performance.

For Deer Managers the rifle and ammunition are not the only tools and equipment required to complete their job. Nowadays, a telescopic sight is needed for the rifle to aid accuracy and shot placement and a pair of binoculars makes the spotting and identification of deer easier than without.

Rifles need to be carried securely with a quality slings, the Shot itself is easier when steadied with a shooting stick. Sound suppression is another important consideration, serving a dual purpose of protecting the shooters hearing and minimising the shots sound impact. We are particularly proud to represent B&T suppressors – probably the best sound suppressors out there.

Finally, at the end of the day, when the beast has been lardered and the dogs sorted and fed, we offer Pro Shot cleaning equipment and KG cleaning fluids, to keep your tools clean, in good condition and most importantly – functioning safely.

Vermin Control

Pigeon Shooting is a staple of the professional vermin controller. Using a shotgun, usually in 12 gauge and semi-automatic, shooters pit their wits against these wiley feathered pests, protecting newly planted crops or later on in the season, protecting crops before harvest, the pigeon shooter offers the farmer a valuable service.

Pigeon Shooting is also a very popular with leisure shooters as well. Days can be taken being guided by a professional pigeon shooter or just helping out a local farmer – pigeon shooting can produce some of the finest and most challenging days sport available.

As with all shooting sports, Pigeon shooting requires specific equipment to get the job done. From hide building material, camouflage netting, netting poles, lofting poles, decoys, decoy magnets the list can be never ending… and that’s before any camo clothing is taken into account!

For the furred pest and vermin controllers of smaller quarry like rabbits and squirrels, Viking can offer the legendary Ruger 10/22, the most popular .22LR semi-automatic in the world with millions sold worldwide since their introduction in 1964, or the full sized bolt action .22LR:- the M77/22, built to be accurate, economical and extremely handsome!

Or, if innovation is key, the Ruger 10/22 Take Down, with all the features and functionality of the standard 10/22 but with the ability to separate the barrel and for end from the stock making for convenient storage and transportation.

For adaptability, the new Ruger American Rimfire ticks all the boxes, building on the enormous success of the American Rifle and available in two models, the standard and compact, both include interchangeable stocks that provide comb height options for scope or iron sight use, an integral bedding block system that positively locates the receiver and free floats the barrel for outstanding accuracy.

For the larger species like foxes, Ruger have the outstanding M77 Hawkeye Predator with the Green Mountain Laminate Stock or the standard M77 Hawkeye in .204 calibre and also offers the M77 in all the standard flat shooting .22 centre fire calibres.

All the rifles can be supplied threaded to take the new lightweight “Tiger” suppressor by the Swiss manufacturer B&T, not only reducing the possibility of loss of hearing to the shooter but reduce recoil and muzzle blast allowing the shooter a quick second shot if required.

Humane Dispatch

Specifically for the humane dispatch of sick, injured and dangerous animals, Viking Arms can provide dedicated pistols and revolvers, manufactured by Glock, Ruger and Colt, in varying calibers for Veterinarians, Slaughter man, who in the course of their work need such a weapon and the Deer Stalking professional, Deer Estate Manager and recreational stalker, who are called out by the Police to attend Road Traffic Accidents and facilitate the safe and humane dispatch of an injured animal.

These weapons, available only with a specific Section 5 amendment on a firearms licence can be configured to the conditions placed on the licence by the issuing Police Force.

For Veterinarians and Slaughter men, B&T have produced a dedicated manually operated suppressed pistol in 9mm x 19mm caliber. The Veterinary Pistol 9mm or the VP9 is designed to be both compact and none-threatening in it’s own discrete carry case.