Leisure Shooting

Leisure Shooting covers a wide range of disciplines and for this reason has fast become the sport of choice for many. No longer the preserve of the ‘landed gentry’ the sporting variations are endless from your initial choice of firearm through to your choice of target.

We know what shooters want

As many of us did our shooting experience started in the back garden with an air rifle ‘Tin Can Plinking’ which involves knocking tin cans down at 30yds. It’s probably the easiest and most cost effective route into the sport and one that is a great pastime and gives those with an interest early lessons in the do’s and don’ts of handling a firearm.

So what and where can I shoot! Well, there are many venues up and down the country catering for all types of shooter from the Target Shooter, Paint Baller, Game Shooting, Rifle Sports, Clay Shooting, Simulated Game and if you really fancy a challenge the Long Distance Target Shooter.

We supply the kit you need

Once you’re hooked on the sport your probably asking yourself what sort of kit do I need? Well this is as long as a piece of string and it totally depends on the discipline you are pursuing – there are many gun options on the market. Some good, some bad and some downright ugly – but our starting advice would be that if you are looking for a good honest small calibre rifle then you simply cannot beat the Ruger 10/22®.

We have the accessories you want

Once you’ve found your perfect rifle, you’ll probably want some accessories to enhance the performance or looks of the gun itself or bits of kit that simply make the experience that bit more fun.

One of the most important accessories you’ll need is a scope. As always there is a plethora of advice out there pitched at various levels of optic knowledge. Some people say by the best some say buy the cheapest. Our advice is simple, buy the most appropriate scope for the sport your undertaking and buy the best you can afford.

More About Leisure Shooting


The current surge of the new shooting enthusiast could be put down to the Olympic gold winning double trap shooter and farmers son Peter Wilson.

Whilst his efforts in the 2012 Olympics have had a fantastic effect on bringing not only youngsters into the sport it has also encouraged those who simply want to have a go. The interest in the sport has been growing for sometime and is expected to carry on growing into the future.

It is clear to see the UK shooting industry is going from strength to strength, shooting sports cover many different disciplines and many different budgets. The days of shooting being only for the societies elite have gone, shooting sports are available to everyone no matter what
your level of interest


If you’re one of the 480,000 game shooters in the UK looking for a traditional styled game gun but with modern-day reliability, elegant looks, exquisite quality and supremely strong, the Merkel range of shotguns will answer all these desires in abundance. Merkels shotguns have to be seen to be believed, they would stop the most hardened game shooter in their tracks with their elegant hand scrolled side plates and beautifully crafted stock. Merkel even have a Meisterstuck class – for those that really want an investment piece. Visit the factory and have your own custom requirement handmade in Suhl, the heart of German shotgun manufacturing.

One of the best cost to performance scopes we’ve come across has to be the Aim Sports 3-12×50 Tri Illuminated. The beauty of this scope is it is milled from a single piece of aluminium, strengthening the scope from constant recoil.

Our stock range is vast and available via our dedicated supply chain of local registered firearms dealers, all committed to providing quality products to you the sporting shooter.