For more than 60 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Their motto, “Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens ”, echoes the importance of these principles as they work hard to deliver quality and innovative firearms.

When Sturm, Ruger & co., Inc. opened for business in 1949, the company faced serious doubts from industry insiders. The “it can’t be done” remarks of the experts reflected the widespread view that the manufacture of guns had likely peaked, and was in a state of decline. There seemed to be few new ideas, and the apparent trend was that the large, established-name gunmakers would continue to dominate the market.

But this fledging company was guided by several well- thought-out concepts, not the least of which was founder William B. Ruger’s intent to build each product “to a standard so I would want one even if it was made by our competitors”. This fundemental concept, this deceptively simple touchstone of the underlying principles in innovation, quality and value, has proved so compelling that over 60 years later there is no question which company is preeminent in the american firearms industry.

Ruger’s rise to its present well-earned position has made it a respected company on the New York Stock Exchange since 1990. Ruger produces millions of firearms each year for hunting, target shooting, collecting, self-defence, law enforcement and government agencies.

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