Meorange 10×42 Long Range

New generation of Meopta binoculars, specially designed for Long Range Shooting situations.

  • Product Overview

    Meorange 10×42 Long Range

    Introducing the latest addition to Meopta’s sporting range: The MeoRange 10×42 HD Range Finder. (OR Multifunctional Observation Device)

    Designed primarily for the demanding needs of the sporting hunter, from the unforgiving mountain terrain of Scotland’s highlands to the lowland pastures of the south of England, where medium to long distance shooting necessitates pin point accuracy range finding.

    The new MeoRange 10×42 HD , using the units automatic brightness display.

    The MeoRange 10×42 HD uses HD fluorite lenses and Meopta’s world leading premium MeoLux anti reflective and MeoDrop weather resistant lens coatings, giving absolute light gathering capabilities in low light conditions and superb weather protection.

    The MeoRange also includes an accurate compass and thermometer as standard and has the ability for the user to upgrade to any future ballistic software.

    MeoRange your multifunctional Observation Device


    Magnification 10X
    Objective Lens 42mm
    FOV (°) 6.30
    FOV (m/100m) 110
    Eye Relief (mm) 18.5
    Shortest Focus Distance 3.5m
    Exit Pupil Diameter 4.2mm
    Interpupillary Distance (mm) 56  |  74
    Dioptric Correction +/- 5.0
    Weight 940g
    Measure Range 10-1500m
    Measure Accuracy up to 500m +/-1
    Measure Accuracy from 500m up to 1000m +/-2
    Measure Accuracy over 1000m +/-0.5%
    Compass Accuracy +/-25
    Elevation Range ° +/-88
    Elevation Accuracy (°) up to +/-30° +/-1
    Elevation Accuracy (°) up to +/-30° +/-3
    Battery Life 1500hr
    Laser – Invisible, safe for eyes Class 1