Firearms Maintenance System

For more than fifty years, KG Industries has been a recognised leader in providing state of the art protective metal coatings, weapon cleaning products and lubricants into the firearms industry.

  • Product Overview

    A military group, to remove carbon buildup from their weapons, initially used KG-1 under an exclusive use. It was formulated for them. KG- 1 will literally melt carbon and is the first step in the cleaning process. It is ideal for black powder rifles. KG sells this product to other manufacturers who bottle it under a different label. It is also recommended for use by several barrel makers.
    4oz – SRP: £10.00

    KG-2 BORE POLISH™ Step 2
    Originally developed to maintain the bore integrity of sniper rifles, KG-2 uses a mild abrasive to remove copper/lead wash from the lans and grooves of the bore while leaving the embedded copper in the micro fractures of the bore alone. This leaves the bore smoother and eliminates the need for “fouling shots.” KG-2 is an ideal product for Fire Polishing (A technique finer than Fire Lapping).
    4oz – SRP: £20.00

    In June 2004, KG was asked to formulate a water-based etching material that would remove copper and leave other metals untouched. KG succeeded in doing this. (See photo). KG-12 is a superior copper remover and is the perfect product for those who chose etchants over abrasives. KG-12 is powerful and should be used by professional shooters only.
    4oz – SRP: £17.00

    KG-3 is a non-chlorinated ozone safe formula used to remove the residue loosened by KG-1, KG-2 and KG-12. KG-3 is also used for cleaning and degreasing parts. KG-3 contains a special formulation of fast drying, water-displacing solvents which will rapidly cut through oil and grease, leaving no residue.
    19oz – SRP: £15.00

    KG-4 GUN OIL™ Step 4
    The last step is to protect the firearm. KG-4 oil met the stringent requirements set forth in the original Military Specification Mil-L-63460 D. It is a blend of the finest lubricants available. With very low surface tension, KG-4 exhibits excellent lubrication, provides outstanding corrosion protection and will fix many feeding and malfunction problems encountered which are often blamed on more serious issues.
    SRP: £10.00

    GUN MAT™
    The KG Gun Mat is the perfect product to protect your workshop bench top from spills and to keep small parts from getting lost. First to introduce this unique product, KG offers the Gun Cleaning Mat in four sizes; 12×24, 18×36, 8×36 and 24×36. KG-12 Test Results: After being submerged in KG-12 for 24 hours, a total of 9.3 Grains of Copper were removed. Our closest competitor removed only 2.6 Grains in the same period.
    SRP: From £10.00

    KG-5 is formulated specifically for trigger mechanisms. It is a blend of the finest lubricants available, including P.T.F.E. KG-5 provides excellent lubrication and corrosion protection. KG-5 will keep trigger pulls even and smooth. KG-5 has been field tested by military personnel and has proven itself to be a superior product.
    SRP: £10.00

    KG-6 was formulated to meet the needs of those shooters who require a lube to last over many rounds with the ability to keep fouling to a minimum. Those who shoot varmints for example will find KG-6 very useful. It is a blend of reground Moly in a fine oil carrier.
    SRP: £15.00

    KG-7 is a technical fine powder mined in the USA. It is guaranteed to be 99.9% pure. Used for coating bullets, users of KG-7 will find less fouling occurring with consistent use of KG-7.
    2oz – SRP: £29.00 4oz – SRP: £56.00

    By incorporating our new micro P.T.F.E. technology with a fine silicone lubricant and adding the ability to suspend these lubricants into a paste, KG Industries has developed one of the finest leather lubricants on the market today. Once burnished into leather, KG-9 will dramatically reduce friction and also reduce leather wear. Independent tests performed by Trac Products showed a full 60% reduction in “pull” from an untreated holster.
    4oz – SRP: £37.00

    Similar to KG-8 for use KG -10 uses a proprietary blending process to produce an effective Moly multipurpose dry lubricant. KG-10 will reduce friction and wear while taking heavy loads of pressure. KG-10 goes on wet, dries in seconds and leaves a pure thin layer of Moly coating which will not attract dirt or dust.
    SRP: £19.00

    Developed specifically for the Ventura County Sheriffs Department, KG’s Light Weight Penetrating Oil is intended for use when a fast, temporary cleaning is necessary. It is especially effective for law enforcement agency’s when they have officer qualification and a quick cleaning is necessary to be sure the firearm is in good operational condition. KG-410 is also available for the civilian use. Hunters and range shooters can quickly spray 4-10 on the firearm to protect it after a day of shooting and until you can clean it properly. The KG-410 is also used after the refinishing process to help the coatings resist burnishing.
    8oz – SRP: £17.00