Rimfire Cartridges

Lapua manufactures .22 rimfire cartridges with utmost care and precision. Each cartridge is checked individually and all lots are thoroughly tested on ballistic values, gas pressure and grouping. The products are released for distribution only if all test results are within strict tolerance levels.

  • Product Overview

    Lapua Rimfire Cartridges

    Whatever your shooting preference, you will find the right cartridge from our wide selection of .22 rimfire cartridges. These range from the X-ACT, simply the world´s most accurate .22 cartridge, to ammunition specifically designed for biathlon sport shooting.


    X-ACT has been developed after a long research period to combine the best properties of these materials into the very best ammunition possible. The shooters gain the benefit of absolute accuracy, reliability and consistency in this extremely sophisticated and high quality cartridge. X-ACT has been tested by most of the top world class shooters, and the comments have been nothing but the highest praise: “The best ammunition I ever shot.” X-ACT is the very embodiment our absolute passion for precision.


    Midas+ is the improved generation of Midas. The long success story of Midas brought a lot of excellent results, which have been used for the development of the new generation. Lapua .22 Midas was used to set the current 60 shots prone world record and the benchrest long rifle (BR-50) world record.


    Center-X gives you the confidence of high quality ammunition. Try this versatile cartridge to see its performance.

    Pistol King

    Pistol King has been designed and manufactured to assure your success. It is reliable, provides excellent groups and gives a smooth shooting experience.

    Pistol OSP

    Pistol OSP is a special ammunition for OSP disciplines. Constant, accurate and precise. Pistol OSP delivers the quality and precision you demand.


    Polar Biathlon has been behind most biathlon medals worldwide for years. Ideal performance under all conditions with best possible results.