Hunting Cartridge

Lapua’s product range has the right cartridge for all different kinds of hunting and sports, whether you are only aiming for fitness and good marksmanship skills or have your sights set on some serious hunting: moose, deer, wild boar etc.

  • Product Overview

    Lapua Hunting Cartridges

    Lapua hunting cartridges are loaded with Naturalis and Mega, which have been expertly designed for maximum performance. You will always have the right type of ammunition the game demands.
    Lapua loaded cartridges work in every environment, without fail. From humid forest to the dry, hot desert or snow covered mountains, you can always count on Lapua!
    Lapua ammunition offers everything hunters require, and now with greater versatility than ever before!

    .222 Remington

    Factory loaded Lapua .222 Rem. cartridge, with the very accurate Lapua S538 3.6g/55gr FMJ bullet, is now available. For the handloader, Lapua offers .222 Rem. unprimed match grade cartridge cases. Whether you need ammunition for training, competition or serious hunting, you have to know that the ammo is accurate and reliable in all conditions. Lapua quality delivers on that every time!

    .243 Winchester

    Hunting trips should leave you with fond and unforgettable memories. Lapua’s 243 Winchester ammunition gives you a mild recoiling cartridge with top notch accuracy and a flat trajectory. For deer, birds or varmints, this hard-hitting cartridge is an excellent choice to make those memories a safe bet.

    6.5×55 Swedish

    With Lapua 6.5×55 SE, whether it is used in hunting or competition, you will give no quarter to the game or your fellow competitors. A great universal choice for the all types of Scandinavian hunting possibilities with the straight trajectory, excellent ballistics and a huge bullet selection – for anything from grouse to moose.

    .308 Winchester

    One of Lapua’s flagship cartridges – the legendary .308 Winchester. For all types of hunting, the ammunition MUST do its job – without fail. Lapua does, no matter what the game, no matter what the conditions. This reliability makes Lapua the first choice for the vast majority of Scandinavian big game hunters, especially when loaded with our unbeatable Naturalis bullet. The Lapua .308 Winchester is an excellent choice when you need a cartridge that performs in any environment. Our uncompromising craftsmanship ensures match-grade quality for hunters and target shooters around the world.

    .30-06 Springfield

    At over 100 years old, the .30-06 still displays the reliability and performance that has made it one of the world’s top hunting cartridges. The venerable .30-06 has sufficient capacity to deliver high muzzle velocities and to handle heavy weight bullets like Lapua’s .30 E401 13.0g/200gr Mega. The renowned Lapua headstamp means one thing to hunters: absolute reliability at all times.


    A real big game cartridge, which is increasing in popularity with each passing year. An ideal choice for hunting large and dangerous game in tough situations. When loaded with our Naturalis copper bullets, you have a round that gives tremendous shock effect on impact, with minimal meat loss. This specialty Lapua design will expand reliably and symmetrically without shattering. When going afield for large, tough and dangerous game, Lapua’s powerful 9.3×62 is the ideal choice.