Sam MacArthur, MD of Viking Arms, is first woman appointed to GTA Council

Posted March 20, 2019 in Latest News


The Gun Trade Association has existed to protect, promote and represent the Trade for 128 years.  They have just appointed their first woman onto Council.

“I am delighted that Sam Macarthur is joining the Council of the GTA. It is a double benefit in that, as well as being a leader in our industry, she will also be the first woman to take up that appointment since 1891.  There has never been such an important time for the GTA to do its work and ensure we preserve our businesses and our jobs; getting a broader representation of the shooting family is important to us.” Simon West GTA Director.

In the last few years the UK shooting community has seen a significant increase in the number of women who hold certificates. The latest report from the Home Office stated that there are now 30k female combined firearm and shotgun certificate holders in the UK.

Female shooters are blazing tracks with representatives for all disciplines from rimfire rifle through to prospective Olympic medallists. The main governing bodies including BASC, CPSA, UKPSA, to name a few, all now have female representatives and hold various events for ladies across the UK.

Women now represent a larger population of shooting than ever before and have become a driving force within our industry, it comes as no surprise that the Gun Trade Association have welcomed Sam MacArthur, MD of Viking Arms, as the first lady to be honoured to take position within the GTA Council.

The Council is led by a select group of industry professionals who work together to offer strategic direction within the industry.  The GTA are committed to supporting businesses, individuals and manufacturers in the UK and internationally.

Viking Arms have been active in the UK gun trade for over 50 years and Sam has led the business from strength to strength since taking the helm of the family business. She is well-respected within the industry and a fine choice for the GTA board.

“I am very honoured to join the GTA council at this time – it can’t be denied that there is general wind of change and I am pleased that our industry is not falling behind. Having said that, I have no intention of simply being a tick box. I began my career in law and qualified as a Barrister, however I have spent the last 20 years in the Gun Trade. My experience as a distributor covers a wide field including Defence, Shooting Sports and Industrial trade and I am looking forward to contributing to the industry through the GTA” Sam MacArthur.