kg-logoFor more than fifty years, KG Industries has been a recognised leader in providing state of the art protective metal coatings, weapon cleaning products and lubricants into the firearms industry.

Contrary to what some manufacturers would have you believe, there is no one product on the market that will do what needs to be done to keep your firearms clean and safe. KG has developed such a system. The KG range of environmentally friendly cleaning products and lubricants also offer the discerning shooter and Military/Police professional the ultimate choice for keeping weapons clean, reducing maintenance time and complying with current Health and Safety at work criteria.

Their trademark ‘Gun Kote’ protective finish is a thin hard coating that will give excellent protection from abrasion. Manufactured to the highest specification, KG metal coatings offer the ultimate level of protection available today in the weapon manufacturing industry.

Following KG Industries success’s in North america, they have appointed Viking arms Ltd, their European distributor to promote and expand their products into Europe.
KG’s quality range of cleaning and maintenance products perfectly compliments our existing lines and we are pleased to bring our customers one of the industry’s best known gun care brands.

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