Haenel-logoC. G. Haenel from Suhl has been manufacturing precision firearms since 1840. Carl Gottlieb Haenel, Royal Prussian Commissar for firearms manufacturing, came to Suhl with the idea of manufacturing weapons on an industrial scale.

The Haenel arrow soon became a symbol for unprecedented precision, innovative design and manufacturing principles, and robustness: Carl Wilhelm Aydt developed the Aydt rifle for Haenel in the 19th century, and Hugo and Hans Schmeisser developed legendary submachine guns and assault rifles in the 20th century.

From 1945 onwards, hunting and air guns were manufactured bearing the Haenel brand. With the end of the GDR, Haenel almost faded completely from memory until enthusiasts for guns made in Suhl founded the “Suhl Arms Alliance” in 2006. This association promoted synergy effects: the comprehensive Know-how present in the region and the industrial and craft potential available meant that there were no longer any barriers hindering a ‘new’ Haenel brand.

This brand is very conscious of its origins in minimalist, practical and contemporary firearms. Modern, but not subject to the whims of fashion. Sober, but not soulless. Functional and practical – and for this reason beautiful.

The success of the new brand exceeded all expectations: the world of shooters and hunters hadn’t forgotten about Haenel from Suhl, and fans of sleek design now had something to get excited about again – the brand with the arrow.

Specialists in the Jaeger 10 Family

Haenel expanded its best-selling Jaeger 10 range, and is proud to present the responsive bolt action rifle manufactured in Suhl in an unprecedented variety of models. The hunting rifle with its bolt-action-receiver, its smooth action, cold-hammerforged barrel and best handling, is now available in seven more versions as a product family: two versions with camouflage surface, two Varmint versions for great accuracy, a timber version in wood class 4, a short tracker and a lightweight Mountain Jaeger 10. In addition an accurate sporting rifle. And: they are all Made in Suhl, Germany.

Target Orientated

A hunting rifle that looks just as good on a driven hunt as it does when shooting long range. The principles here: reduction down to the essential, a classic shape, the best steel and high-tech synthetic or fine wood. The receiver impresses with its precise handling and makes the operation of the bolt handle a joy. The modern bolt action rifle with the Haenel arrow: a combination of simple grace and target orientation.

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