CBC offers the most comprehensive range of handgun cartridges in the industry – which are sold under the renowned brand Magtech ammunition. CBC is equipped with state-of-the art production facilities, including the most modern manufacturing lines for centre fire cartridges currently available.

Offering a consistent combination of excellent quality, service and flexibility, CBC has become one of the major providers of ammunition to NaTO countries, police forces and sport shooters worldwide. CBC produces all the ammunition components used in its products, including powder, primers, cases and projectiles – guaranteeing with that a high level of cost efficiency and timely order fulfillment.

CBC has two production units in Brazil, located in the states of São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. The holding company also owns the German manufacturer MEN and the czech producer Sellier & Bellot (with a distribution centre in Germany).

CBC are a result orientated company and do everything with passion. The high quality products manufactured by CBC are the main reason for its reliability. CBC uses the most advanced technology to manufacture small-calibre ammunitions through investments in quality control and equipment, process, and manufacturing method modernisation.

CBC is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company and adopts a strict production control which – along with high quality standards – meets such international standards as SAAMI, CIP, NATO, and US MIL.

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