Breda, an Italian flagship

Breda’s fame is extolled by its vast range of products, that includes ship engines, thermal power plants, locomotives, special steels and of course weapons and shotguns.

In 1953 after WWII, the monolitic Breda was divided into smaller and more manageable companies; Breda Meccanica Bresciana was focused to the production of civilian and sporting shotguns and immediately faced strong and positive feedback and brand recognition from its customers.

During the first years, the company produced thousands of long recoil semi autos that still today are very well known and appreciated. Our long recoil semi autos were a milestone in huntings semi auto history.
Breda Meccanica Bresciana operated as a separate company until 1994 when it merged with Otomelara – another leader of Italian military products. The long tradition and the deep knowledge on manufacturing semi-autos, the constant research of the best row materials and the continous investment in R&D and Technology drove Breda to develop several ranges of long-recoil, gas operated, inertial system with rotating head to come up to the latest and the most innovative Xanthos, an advanced inertial semi-auto, which was introduced in 2006.

Invented by the italian father of inertial semi auto, Bruno Civolani, Xanthos represents his last creation collecting his major experience in one definitive shotgun.

For those interested in the world of game and competition shooting Breda means “automatic weapons” above all, to the point that the two concepts tend to overlap.

Breda Meccanica Bresciana produces a range of shotgun that meet the widest possible requirements in game shooting: all our semi autos are made without any compromise in terms of mechanics and finishing solutions.

Breda products distinguish themselves by using the highest quality materials, precision machining, severity of tests they go through, sophisticated mechanical action and superb design to give unequalled performance and characteristics. Breda shotguns are of the highest reliability and quality. Choosing such a shotgun confers prestige to its owner.

Breda’s company Mission is to build high quality shotguns giving customers the best solutions together with the care that only a 100% Made in Italy product can guarantee.

Breda is customer oriented and its efforts are focused into customer direction. The company cares about customer service taking care in the shortest time the requests came from the market to the company itself.

Breda believes customers as a stronger point in the market and it will do the best to transfer the values here written creating high quality products.

Breda will invest efforts creating new technologies improving customer experiences and the image of the products.

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