Viking is officially 50!

Posted December 2, 2015


From the humble beginnings of a small garage in North Yorkshire on the 4th December 1965 Mr Geoffrey Brown started to trade as Viking Arms.

For the past 50 years Viking Arms Ltd have been a front runner in the shooting industry, but how much do you really know about the company and how we operate? As we celebrate this month, the official Viking birthday we take a look back to when it all began.

So what makes a company successful enough to be celebrating their 50th anniversary – I’m sure if you ask any business minded industry leaders they will waffle on about a strategic business plan and clear objectives, and yes these are important factors if you are a global investor looking for a good investment, but what makes the you and I folks of the world buy from a specific company? Honestly, long term it doesn’t matter which company offers the longest credit facilities or the best bulk discount its who treats you as an individual, who tells you the truth, who looks after you, and becomes a friend rather than a salesman – and that is something Viking Arms take very seriously.

The truth to it – Viking didn’t start as a company set out to make millions in distribution, Mr & Mrs Brown were actually very successful within the Media side of the shooting industry, Geoffrey being the founder of Guns Review Magazine and that’s how it all started.

Still to this day, Viking remains true to its founding principles. Remaining a small family run business, Viking is now run by Mr & Mrs Brown’s daughter, Samantha.
Continuing in their footsteps, Sam has managed to successfully grow the company, which now employs 19 members of staff, representing in excess of 30 leading brands from around the world.

Viking Arms is very proud to have represented Ruger in the UK since it’s beginning. The Ruger brand with its reputation for reliability, build quality and value was the perfect cornerstone for a business with such shared values. Today, along with Ruger, Viking Arms represents other brands such as Glock, B&T, Haenel, Henry, Merkel, Marocchi, Meopta and Thompson Center – all leading manufacturers within their field and all offering genuine innovation, quality and value for money.

Our ammunition manufacturers are without doubt the best there are with CBC Magtech, MEN, Lapua, Sellier & Bellot and SK and our range of accessories second to none.
Although the company has grown, the intent will never change. Viking Arms prides itself on being a respectful distributor; one that does not just solely push product, but also becomes an industry friend and trusted authority. With dedicated staff for Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Media and Administration we are all happy to help and advise suppliers, dealers and end users where we can. Between us the chances are that if we don’t know the answer – there simply isn’t one.

What started as a genuine passion in shooting sports and a keen eye for engineering excellence has built itself in the last 50 years to be one of the U.K’s most respected Shooting Sports Suppliers. Our aim of the game – simple – to ensure that our customers remain with us, and that they enjoy our products for many more years.