The Definition of Precision

Posted June 9, 2016


Marked by or adapted for accuracy and exactness, and in the case of the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) that’s exactly what Ruger has delivered.

Based on the highly rated Ruger American action, the rifle is an AR15 styled bolt action rifle incorporating the modularity of interchangeable parts of that family of rifles.

With the opportunity to test the rifle we outfitted it with the excellent Meopta ZD 6-24×56 RD Tactical scope, one piece scope mount and Aim Bipod and brought along some Lapua 167g OTM Scenar ammunition.

First impressions are of a well thought out and business-like rifle that has been designed to do one thing, place rounds quickly and accurately on target at extended ranges. Make no mistake, designed from the ground up this rifle includes, as standard, all the features that anyone interested in long range precision shooting would find desirable.

Moving from muzzle to buttstock all three calibres .308/.243/ and 6.5 Creedmoor come with a medium contour barrel, factory threaded and optimised for barrel length and twist rate to get the best performance across a range of bullet weights for that specific calibre. Cold hammer forged 4140 chrome-moly steel barrel with 5R rifling at minimum bore and groove dimensions, minimum headspace and centralised chamber ensure every last bit of performance can be squeezed out of the cartridge.

The Samson Keymold handguard allows you to accessorise till your heart’s content but for this days test we ran with just the bipod. Topping the handguard and receiver is a full length 20 MOA rail allowing you to mount multiple options for optics including night vision, without the danger of running out of elevation.

Magazines insert solidly and allow the use of multiple manufacturers magazine’s as they lock in two places and give the option for using your favourites, each rifle comes with two Magpul 10 shot magazines. The magazine release drops the magazines freely, allowing quick and accurate changes.

The action is a three lug bolt with a 70° throw featuring dual cocking cams and a smooth in line full diameter body coupled with an extended bolt handle allowing quick manipulation of the bolt for those fast follow up shots. The fully adjustable bladed trigger allows pull weight to be set between 2.5 and 5 pounds.

The stock is side folding to the left and locks solidly in place with no flex and allows multiple adjustments for length of pull and height, allowing everyone to find their perfect interface with the gun and optic.

Ruger-Precision-No-OpticRange Time

Arriving at Humberside Shooting Ground we dialled in the scope and adjusted the parallax for 100yds to get a beautifully clear sight picture through the Meopta optics. The first three shots were used to zero to familiarise us with the trigger. This range is an excellent facility with a computerised scoring system that allows immediate feedback on fall of shot and measures group sizes that can be viewed on the monitor or printed if required.

The first 5 shot group measured .820 of an inch straight out of the box with the bipod and a rear rest utilised to get the best indication possible on the performance this rifle is capable of.

The second group closed up considerably as we were now more familiar with the feel of the trigger and came in at .650 of an inch. We proceeded to run 5 shot groups from different positions without the use of bipod and rear bag. Standing, kneeling, sitting and prone were tried, running the bolt both slow and quick and as long as I did my part of the equation the rifle delivered outstanding performance and handling characteristics. Smallest group size of the day measured .575 inches.

Final Thoughts

The rifle and scope package delivered outstanding accuracy and confirms that the Precision name is warranted for this offering from Ruger. The gun handled nicely in all positions and fed and ejected all cases with ease with a consistent ejection pattern. With development time at the hand loading bench I suspect that the group sizes delivered could be shaved a little bit more. With the benefits that this rifle offers in terms of accuracy and features, this is a must for anyone looking for an accurate and reliable rifle for use across a range of disciplines. Whilst at the range the rifle was a magnet to other shooters taken with its looks and accuracy. This is a rifle that you can be proud to put on the firing line and be confident in matching other rifles in a similar class.

Our thanks to everyone at Humberside Shooting Ground that allowed us to use their excellent facilities.

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