b&tThe company B&T (today located in Thun) was established by Karl Brugger and Henrich Thomet in Spiez in 1991 as Brugger & Thomet.

The technical expertise available at B&T enables the company to develop and produce the ideal solution for any weapon system.  When B&T was established in 1991, suppressors were the first products to leave the company’s site in the Bernese Oberland region. And as users of suppressors ofter also require special aiming devices on there weapons, mounting solutions for these soon became the company’s second pillar of business.

To complete its range, B&T introduced a wide range of accessory rails as its third line of products. B&T thus offers the option of upgrading modern firearms with modular accessories – with laser aiming devices, night vision equipment, lights, brass catchers and much more.

B&T products such as suppressors or mounting solutions are manufactured in close collaboration with the users and with great experience. Practical experience is thus combined with skilled craftsmanship.  The core of expertise of B&T lies in the experience of the engineers, the company’s own production department and a proven core of specialised sub contractors that all demand the same high standards of themselves and their products as B&T itself. However, irrespective of the collaboration with external specialists, one maxim applies at all times: the assembly and quality control remain in-house at B&T.

Many of B&T products have become the recognised standard and have NATO stock numbers – its not surprising that they can also be found in product lines of global leading manufacturers of firearms and optical systems.

B&T’s customers are to be found all over the world: what they all particularly appreciate about B&T is that it is small enough to meet their individual request but big enough to handle large-scale orders in a useful timeframe and with constant quality – in other words, in typically Swiss style.

B&T holds all the state licenses in order to produce, import and export weapons, ammunition and accessories. Every year, B&T develops approximately one hundred new products that are put through their paces in the company’s own testing department.

B&T is a registered NATO supplier and certified according to ISO 9001:2008

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