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Our Products

Viking Arms is a leading U.K. supplier of firearms, ammunition and related accessories. Whilst we do not sell directly to the public our dealer network is well spread throughout the country to ensure that our range of Rifles, Shotguns, OpticsPistols and Ammunition are easily available. The brands we represent are from the worlds leading manufacturers, including Ruger, Leupold, Glock, Henry, Lapua, Magtech, B&T and our products are tried, tested and quality assured.


Types of shooting

Shooting covers many different sporting disciplines from Olympic winning double trap shooting to local vermin control, Pigeon Shooting from a hide to a testing high-bird on the local game shoot. Target, Trap, Gallery, Driven, Stalked, the variations are numerous, which is part of the reason shooting is such an exciting and popular sport. Shooting also directly supports 35,000 jobs in the U.K. amongst which are the professional shooters involved in game keeping, game wardening, estate management and pest control.


News & Events

Find out what’s new in the field of firearms with information on the very latest products and services. Viking Arms often support local dealer events and attend Exhibitions – why not come along and meet us? For the latest tips and tricks from industry professionals along with special offers and incentives being offered throughout the U.K, this is a good place to start.


Support & Guidance

Key to our business is the understanding that if a product is purchased through Viking and there’s a problem – there is no problem. With information on best practice when looking after you equipment, links to leading sites for genuinely good further information and details of our own warranty and customer service policy, we aim to ensure that buying a product supplied by Viking not only ensures it’s the best product for the job but that it is also fully supported by our customer charter.